Where to Find Effective Herbal Remedies to Treat Infertility

3Individuals have been using herbs to cure just about several types of problems for so many years. Conventional remedy like the accepted Chinese medicine has been used as effective herbal remedy to treat infertility. Herbs are astonishing remedies for infertility for the reason that they have only organic materials; these herbs are reducing the chances of hazardous uncommon hormones and chemicals that can cause damage on your body. Herbal fertility tonics logically balance the amount of energy within your body by supporting the formation of hormones required for reproduction, therefore increasing the performance and abolishing hazardous toxins that may reduce the reproductive potency.

Here is the various herbal remedy that you can use to treat infertility:

1. Black Cohosh: Element of the buttercup species, this is a permanent plant that is indigenous in North America. Black cohosh has not been used for long periods.

2. Chaste berry: This fruit is utilized medicinally. Chaste berry is said to perform by restraining the discharge of prolactin from the pituitary gland.

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Using Herbal Remedies to Prevent Hair Loss

2There are numerous herbal remedies that are meant for treating hair loss. The main attribute of herbal remedies is that they work slowly for healing your thinning hair. While such herbal remedies are not backed by prescribed drugs, there is also a flip side of it – they usually come as side effect free. So they’re worth putting more investigations, or you can at least consider giving them a try. Here’s more on that.

Chinese remedies

Take the instance of Ho Shou Wu or Fo Ti, as it is a very widely popular oral remedy that comes from the ancient China. This remedy is particularly effective for treating hair loss. The way ancient Chinese medical science puts it, hair losses are in most of the cases the direct results of weaker liver function and/or kidney malfunctions.

So when you restore the balance of these organs, there are high chances that your hairs re-grow. And most interestingly, the Ho Shou Wu has a significant meaning in Chinese – a’ scull full of dense black hair’. Fortunately, this formulation is widely available in China and sold commercially.

Indian remedies

Ayurvedic medicines are special herbal remedies prominent mostly in India. There are many formulations to treat hair loss in this genre. These formulations involve a sheer combination of various kinds of oral supplements and topical oils. But they also involve a bringing a change in your current lifestyle for getting the most out of the medicine formulation.

However, these treatments are sometimes tailored to fit people and their unique physical conditions. Right from the ancient times, Ayurvedic physicians have treated people suffering from hair losses. Fortunately, some of the remedies are generally useful. Take Bhringraj oil for instance, which happens to be extremely popular solution across India. And when it comes to the oral supplements, remedies like Ashwagandha, or Amla are also recommended for treating hair losses.


As the name implies, this is about a therapy of fragrance. In a sense this is the fragrance department of herbal remedies. These fragrance therapy is known to be powered by essential oils like rosemary, lavender, and cedarwood, or thyme. These are known to boost the growth of new hair in people who experiences hair loss. Fortunately, the recipe for blending one bottle of such hair oil is available and these hairs oils are commercially sold.

Saw Palmetto

This one happens to be some of the potent remedies used against male balding. It’s known to be anti-androgenic. It also has a reputation to fight back hair loss as it blocks DHT (a particular hormone responsible for the destruction of hair follicles). Stinging Nettles as well as Green tea might also have similar, yet milder effects regarding the prevention of DHT. There’s yet another recommended remedy for improving the circulation within your scalp – horsetail tea! It is widely adored since it has rich content of silica.

Apart from all that, it could actually help if you eat lots of nutritious diet for supporting or reinforcing these herbal remedies to show their effects on hair loss. The process of hair loss can also be slowed down with healthy exercises like yoga or meditation everyday.

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A Guide to Evaluating Herbal Remedies

1Always be aware of potential drug interactions. People with high blood pressure or heart problems are at risk from many herbal remedies taken along with prescription drugs. For example, anyone taking anti-hypertension drugs from the potassium-sparing class should avoid potassium supplements. Energy supplements containing natural stimulants are also to be avoided, as they will raise blood pressure.

The key, as with any health-related matters, is to educate yourself and make informed decisions. If your condition is minor and there are few risks involved with the herbal remedies you want to try, go ahead and evaluate them, with your doctor’s approval. Compare the effectiveness of your treatment with over-the-counter or prescription drugs. Then decide for yourself which is the best option for you.

Many people consider nutritional supplements as a safer alternative to pharmaceuticals. However, this is not always the case, because the herb or plant used to treat illness may not be as effective or may conflict with other aspects of our overall health. Despite the long history of remedies taken from the environment, we need to look out for problems due to ineffective or harmful alternative cures.

Whenever you consider a treatment for illness, you should first consult your primary care physician. Only then will you be sure that there will not be harmful effects as a result. Your physician will also be able to warn you about side effects or other problems, based on your particular medical history.

If you know that it is safe to take a natural alternative medicine, you should research it using resources such as the Internet to uncover any problems or reports of ineffectiveness. Although you may discover conflicting data, you can do your own informal survey to determine the overall reputation of the remedy, and whether it is a fit for your condition.

Drug interactions can be a problem with all medicines, so look out for that first. Do not make the mistake of thinking that all herbs and plants are harmless. In many cases the drugs we commonly use came from herbs or plants originally, and in higher doses than those prescribed as drugs. The testing and approval of drugs is what controls this aspect of natural remedies.

Herbal alternatives should be considered independently and not as a group. Some products, such as natural skin care containing aloe, are relatively harmless, and beneficial for treating dry skin. Even in that case, however, you should be sure to check for allergic reactions, and discontinue use if any adverse reaction is seen.

Even when herbal remedies are safe, they may not be effective. If the condition is not serious, then this is not a problem. But if you are treating serious medical issues, using an ineffective remedy will make the underlying condition more serious. This failure to treat the condition is a major cause of complications from use of natural remedies. The remedy itself is not the problem, rather the failure to treat based on an ineffective cure is the problem.

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